In the digital age, data breaches and cybersecurity issues regularly make headlines, and personal information is a coveted commodity. Our legal structure must protect privacy rights while preserving commerce and innovation. But who ensures compliance with these laws and anticipates threats to information security?

The answer: information privacy attorneys.
The problem: there aren’t nearly enough of them.

At the University of Maine School of Law, students pursuing our Certificate in Information Privacy Law develop skills in a highly sought-after niche of the legal realm.

Privacy isn’t dead – it’s hiring.

Certificate in Information Privacy Law

Maine Law is one of only two schools in the country offering a dedicated Certificate in Information Privacy Law. Students develop valuable legal skills and benefit from a unique partnership with the IAPP.

Information Privacy Summer Institute

Our annual Information Privacy Summer Institute offers a series of courses on critical and current topics taught by top experts in the field. Existing attorneys can earn CLE credit or venture into a growing and dynamic new practice area; current J.D. candidates can develop a valuable specialty while still in school.