Think about the ideal place to study law. It should have the amenities that are most important to you, whether that means a diverse selection of local food or easy escapes into nature. It should be full of energy. No matter how far you are from your original hometown, you want it to feel like home.

For Maine Law students, that place is Portland.

The city is consistently selected for inclusion on top ten lists; it’s been deemed one of the best places in the US to raise kids, live, find a job, and perhaps most importantly, to eat! Portland is a favorite of Washington Post and New York Times reporters.

With over 60,000 residents in the city proper (there are closer to 520,000 in the Metropolitan Statistical Area), Maine’s largest city would be considered small by many standards. But with a thriving music and art community, exceptional restaurants and breweries, and minor league baseball, basketball, and hockey, there is always something to do in Portland. For those interested in outdoor activities – surfing, swimming, boating, hiking, fishing, island-hopping, mountain climbing and skiing are an easy drive. Portland is also home to a vibrant and growing multicultural population. In Portland’s public schools, more than 60 languages are spoken.

Check out these videos and explore the city through Portland’s website.