A Community Development Law Moment

By Professor Peter Pitegoff At Maine Law, the summer of 2019 marks a high point for the study of Community Economic Development Law. Three developments converged to advance this ongoing project. First, the Association of American Law Schools (AALS), the … continue reading

Give away Greenland? It’s been done before

By Professor Charles Norchi Excerpt from an op-ed published in the Portland Press Herald To President Trump’s offer to buy Greenland, the Danish prime minister responded “absurd.” After all, Greenland is under the sovereignty of Denmark. But how did Denmark … continue reading

Maritime Maine and our Law School

By Charles H. Norchi, Benjamin Thompson Professor of Law and Chair, AALS Section on Admiralty and Maritime Law It is summer in Maine and thoughts turn to the sea. The sea sets our law school apart. Maine Law strides two … continue reading

Economic Justice Fellowship Program

By Professor Peter Pitegoff With grant support from the Maine Justice Foundation, Maine Law has launched a new Economic Justice Fellowship Program to support legal training in community economic development law and to continue building capacity for clinical practice and … continue reading

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