Our goal at the University of Maine School of Law is to promote and provide a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus community. We take matters regarding community standards very seriously and will do our best to respond promptly to concerns and complaints in order to provide  a collegial, professional learning environment at the Law School. We also welcome feedback on classes, facilities, and other matters through the Community Incident Reporting Form.

Maine Law Bias and Community Incident Reporting Form

For members of the Maine Law Community

Students and staff are encouraged to report incidents that may affect their experience at Maine Law. We will make every effort to evaluate and address this report promptly.

Information disclosed in this report is not considered confidential, and you may choose to file this incident report anonymously. However, remaining anonymous may affect our ability to respond depending upon the type of incident reported. Students are welcome to contact the Dean of Students to personally discuss concerns at any time.

This reporting form is not designed nor intended to address incidents involving sex discrimination or sexual harassment. Individuals who have experienced, witnessed, or received a report involving sex discrimination or sexual harassment are strongly encouraged to file a Maine Law Title IX Incident Report. All University of Maine School of Law employees are considered mandatory reporters of incidents related to Title IX. For more information on Sexual Harassment and related gender-based discrimination, see the UMS Policy on Sexual Harassment.

External Incident Report Concerning the University of Maine School of Law

For members of the general public, vendors, guests, former staff, and Maine Law alumni

The University of Maine School of Law promotes a diverse, equitable and inclusive campus community and does not condone bias, harassment, or sex discrimination of any kind. Individuals who have experienced a negative encounter with, or have concerns regarding, a student or employee of Maine Law may submit an incident report using this form.

Maine Law will review the alleged conduct to determine whether the Student Conduct Code or other relevant University of Maine System policies have been implicated. We will determine an appropriate course of action in the event of a potential policy breach.

Information disclosed in this form is not considered confidential. Reports may be filed anonymously; however, Maine Law’s ability to investigate and resolve the reported complaint may be hampered when the identity of the reporter is unknown. Reports from external parties will only be reviewed by Maine Law if they are made utilizing this online reporting format.

Student Complaints Concerning the Program of Legal Education

For Maine Law students

This form is specifically designed for students who wish to report a matter that implicates Maine Law’s adherence to the American Bar Association accreditation standards. Information disclosed in this reporting form is not considered confidential; this complaint may be maintained for a period of at least ten years. Review an outline of our review process.

This complaint must include your name and contact information, details about a significant problem, behavior, program, or process that is the subject of the complaint, and a specific citation to the ABA Standard that is implicated by this report. Review the ABA Standards and Rules of Procedure for Approval of Law Schools. Other concerns may be submitted using the Maine Law Bias and Community Incident Reporting Form, Title IX Incident Report Form, or by contacting the Dean of Students directly.