We invite transfer and visiting student applications from students who are in good standing at other fully accredited ABA law schools to visit Maine Law for one or two semesters, subject to approval by their home school. Transfer students are normally admitted with advanced standing to begin studies in the fall, with applications due by July 1. However, at the discretion of the Admissions Committee, transfer or visiting student applicants may be admitted to begin studies in the spring semester. Applications to be a visiting student for one or two semesters of study are subject to approval of the applicant’s home law school.

The standards for admission and the application process for visiting students are the same as those for transfer students. In addition, visiting students must also submit a letter of permission from their law school dean. Visiting students must comply with the academic procedures and standards of Maine Law.

Admissions Timeline

Admissions decisions are based on your completed file, which must contain the items listed below and be submitted by July 1. Decisions are usually made by the beginning of August.

Application Process

If you are interested in attending Maine Law as a transfer or visiting student please submit the following:

  1. Application: The application form must be completed and signed. Applications are available on the Law School Admission Council’s website.
  2. Law School Transcript with Class Standing (official): This may be mailed directly to Maine Law.
  3. CAS Report: Including LSAT scores, college transcripts and analysis of college transcripts.
  4. Letter of Good Standing from Law School Dean
  5. Letter(s) of Recommendation: Each applicant must submit at least one letter of recommendation. Letters of recommendation may be sent directly from the recommender, and should be submitted through the CAS Recommendation Service.
  6. Personal Statement: A personal statement, written in your own words, discussing your motivation for the study of law and your desire to transfer, is required.
  7. Application Fee of $50: payable through the LSAC website.
  8. Optional Statement: You may include an addendum addressing any economic, cultural, and/or societal factors, your academic record, or LSAT results, which would provide the Admissions Committee with additional insight into your application.
  9. Character & Fitness Addendum: If you answer “yes” to any questions regarding character & fitness on your application, you must submit an addendum explaining the situation to the admissions committee.
  10. Resume

Transfer of Credit

A student who has been accepted for transfer to the University of Maine School of Law will be given credit for the number of hours accepted in transfer as determined by the Vice Dean/Provost. Courses completed with a grade of “C” or above are eligible for transfer, and a maximum of 45 hours of course credit may be transferred. Read the full transfer of credit policy, including for students with prior study at international institutions and former Maine Law LLM Students.