PLUS 2022

We are very saddened to share this update on the status of Maine Law’s PreLaw Undergraduate Scholars Program (PLUS). After long consideration, we have made the decision that we are unable to host the PLUS program for this upcoming summer. Maine Law’s PLUS program incorporates many experiential opportunities including court and legislative visits. With all of the current uncertainties, we determined that we must cancel the program again this year. We look forward to PLUS 2023!

Your path to leadership could be law school.

The PreLaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Program at the University of Maine School of Law will teach oral, written, and leadership skills that will be useful in whatever community you live and any career you choose to pursue.

This three-week summer immersion program designed specifically for undergraduate students will:

  • Provide you with the skills needed to succeed
  • Teach you about the law school admissions process
  • Connect you with legal career opportunities

It’s time to get connected.

Learn and attend special events alongside:

  • Legal and business experts
  • Practicing attorneys
  • Leaders in the community
  • Others with an interest in a law career like you
This program is targeted, but not restricted, to college students from racial and ethnic minority groups who are underrepresented in the legal profession. In addition, individuals who are from rural communities or are the first in their family to attend college will be given preferred consideration. The program is designed for students in their first two years of college.
The University of Maine School of Law is fully accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools.