Law school is an excellent option for people transitioning into civilian careers after serving in the U.S. military. Many veterans have graduated from Maine Law, and we currently enroll about 20 students with military backgrounds.

We embrace our veterans and active duty servicemembers at Maine Law. We understand the unique challenges they face, and we provide a variety of services and resources to help veterans on the road to successful careers in law.

This philosophy starts at the top. Dean Danielle Conway has 27 years of Active Duty service, Army Reserve service, and National Guard Service combined with the U.S. Army. Her retirement was effective November 30, 2016.

Below are some programs and resources relevant to veterans at Maine Law.

In-state tuition

All current members and veterans of the United States Armed Forces are eligible for in-state tuition, regardless of residency status. If you are a veteran or currently serving in the Armed Forces, please include a DD 2-14 and a Certificate of Eligibility with your application. If you are currently serving in the Armed Forces, you must also provide a copy of your military ID.

Green Zone awareness training

Many of our students, faculty, and staff have participated in ‘Green Zone: Staff and Faculty Military Awareness Training’. This program, facilitated and designed by veterans in collaboration with the University of Southern Maine, is designed to help members of the Maine Law community learn about how the military experience translates into the classroom, as well as the challenges people face when transitioning from servicemember to law student.

Veterans Resource Center (VRC)

The Veterans Resource Center supports University of Maine School of Law students who are veterans and dependents of veterans as they transition from military life to college life. Staffed by VA work study students, the Veterans Resource Center provides a safe environment to connect with other vets as well as get information about support services and resources.