If you have applied to Maine Law within the past year, it is not necessary to resubmit a CAS Report: (this includes LSAT scores, college transcripts and analysis of college transcripts), unless you have completed additional coursework or have re-taken the LSAT. Information that you previously submitted through the Law School Admission Council’s website remains on file. You may amend or supplement your previous application to note additional coursework, new LSAT score, changes in circumstance, or additional materials you believe would strengthen your application.

To re-apply, you must submit the following whether or not you submit a new CAS Report:

  1. Revised Application: Submitted through LSAC.org.
  2. Updated Personal Statement: A personal statement, written in your own words, is required. This is your opportunity to tell us who you are. Write carefully and succinctly. Share the experiences, values, motivations and aspirations that will distinguish you from other applicants. Explain why you have chosen to pursue law; why you’re well suited to study and practice law; and why you think Maine Law is the right fit for you.
  3. Letter(s) of Recommendation: Each applicant must submit at least two, but no more than four, letters of recommendation. Letters should be based on personal knowledge, and address your analytical ability, judgment, motivation, communication skills, critical thinking and distinctive talents or experiences that make you suitable for the study of law. If possible, at least one letter should be from a professor, or an individual who has known you in an academic setting. Letters of recommendation may be sent directly from the recommender and should be submitted through the CAS Recommendation Service.
  4. Character & Fitness Addendum: If you answer “yes” to any questions regarding character & fitness on your application, you must submit an addendum explaining the situation to the Admissions Committee.

If you applied to Maine Law more than a year ago, you must fulfill all requirements of a first time applicant. This includes a new CAS report.

If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Office.