Amanda Bisol “The Career Services Office does a lot to help students. I have met with multiple staff to work on my resume, and discuss paths moving forward. My path is not traditional, and so I don’t fit into a typical mold, but the staff has still been very supportive and helpful in trying to advise me and is always willing to answer questions.”
Amanda Bisol
Skowhegan, Maine
There’s a sense of congeniality and community here. My preference is to network and work in unison rather than elbow others out of the way, and that’s how things are also done at Maine Law.”
Alicia Rea 
Admissions Fellow
Lewiston, Maine

“I’m amazed by the minds and the questions and the diversity of viewpoints that surround me daily at Maine Law.”

Gabriel Siwady
McKusick Diversity Fellow

“Specific knowledge, a specific education or upbringing, a pre-law path or not, none of that determines how well you’ll do here. What matters is having an inquisitive mind and a learning process that works for you.

Matthew Edwards
Business and Transactional Law Certificate student
Lake Placid, New York

“Helping our population of immigrants in Maine remain here and thrive here is really important to me. I’m really enthusiastic about the experiential learning options available through the Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic and an annual trip students take to Loredo, TX to assist immigrants at the border.”

Jordan Hernandez 
Alfond Ambassador
Bangor, ME