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Professor Charles Norchi

Maine-Arctic on Ice?

By Professor Charles Norchi

In January as COVID-19 swept from Asia to Europe, my science colleagues warned of a great disruptor. Our institution deploys Arctic research and teaching across a number of disciplines that appeared to be at risk. Paul Mayewski, director of the University of Maine Climate Change Institute, and I had been finalizing a June expedition to Greenland…

Associate Professor Thea Johnson

Is Lying Permitted in a Broken System?

By Associate Professor Thea Johnson

I am, admittedly, a crime drama devotee, and I’ve written on this blog before about portrayals of the criminal justice system on prime-time TV. I’m excitedly tuning into a new show that tackles the criminal system from a novel angle and also speaks to some of the themes I’m tackling in my scholarship…

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Kayla Estes '20

“I Already Consented for You” – The Privacy Implications of Consenting to Genetic Family Tree Sites

A student research blog by Kayla Estes ’20

With the rapid evolution of technology and science comes a risk – a privacy risk. As fortunate as we are to be alive at a time where we can connect with others around the world who share our DNA, we must also ask, “At what cost?”…

Sanchita Mukherjee ’21, Shianne Bowlin ’21, and Hilary Forsley ’20Maine Law students win 2020 Bryant-Moore Invitational Moot Court Competition

Maine Law students Shianne Bowlin ’21, Hilary Forsley ’20, and Sanchita Mukherjee ’21 competed in and won the Bryant-Moore Invitational Moot Court Competition on February 28-29, 2020. Established in 2003, the Bryant-Moore Invitational is held annually at Howard University School of Law.

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