Yes, the University of Maine School of Law demands a lot from its students. The academic program is rigorous. Sometimes you might think the Law Library is your second home.

But a legal education is not just about hitting the books. It’s also about making lifelong friends, participating in enriching student organizations, and occasionally taking time to hit the fitness center. As a Maine Law student, you have easy access to a variety of activities and services to make sure that you are a well-rounded and healthy individual.

Student organizations — such as the Student Bar Association, Maine Association for Public Interest Law, and Parents-In-Law — provide excellent support networks and valuable information within areas that matter to you. Throughout the year, these organizations host a variety of events, from trips to see the Boston Red Sox, to the popular Barrister’s Ball.

Food is crucial to law students, and not just the order-out pizza that you will need for mid-day meetings. Students routinely organize gatherings in and around Portland, especially visits to one of the city’s many incredible restaurants, such as the Great Lost Bear, Local 188, or the Novare Res Bier Café.

Maine Law students have access to health and counseling services, physical fitness options, and technology support through our relationship with the University of Southern Maine, with whom we share a campus. Within the law school building, you can visit our friendly staff for academic advising at the Office of Student Services, and job planning at the Career Services Office.