It is our policy to assist students/graduates of ABA accredited law schools who are relocating to Maine and seeking legal employment here, provided that their law schools will likewise assist our students/graduates. We do not restrict the number of students/graduates granted reciprocity. However, our ability to assist them may be somewhat limited during the busy fall recruiting season, which runs from July 15 to November 1.

Reciprocal services include access to our student or alumni job board (via Symplicity), and the use of the Career Services Office for reviewing job postings, library materials, and our various other resources. They do not, however, include access to on-campus interview listings or participation in on-campus interviews. Counseling services may be available to the student/graduate by appointment, subject to staff availability.

We ask that permission for reciprocity be sought in advance by a letter from the student’s/graduate’s law school Career Services Office. Such letters may be mailed, faxed, or emailed to us. The request should introduce the student/graduate and acknowledge that the requesting school will provide similar services to University of Maine School of Law students and graduates. Once permission is granted, we will give the student/graduate access to the appropriate online job board. He/she may also contact our office to schedule a visit or take advantage of our other services. Reciprocity is granted for a period of six months. Extensions of the six month period will require another letter from the student’s/graduate’s Career Services Office.

Please direct inquiries to