The University of Maine School of Law houses a small Technology Department and partners with the University of Maine System IT Professionals. The Maine Law Technology Department is committed to offering stable and easy-to-use technology that supports the academic and administrative functions of Maine Law.


Maine Law requires that each student have a business class model laptop, which should be sufficiently equipped to be used to support essential research, classroom exercises, and communication tasks. Students will have access to the University of Maine System’s wireless network. Maine Law is confident that requiring all students to own business class portable computers will increase their productivity and efficiency, improve institutional communications, and prepare students to effectively use this essential business tool. Minimum laptop requirements and additional information is located in the MyLaw portal.

Maine Law has two stand-up print stations available for students on the lower level in the Law Library.


  • Faculty Laptop Policy – It is at the discretion of each professor whether they will allow laptops during lectures. Faculty may ban laptops from classroom lectures entirely, if they choose to do so.
  • Laptop Technical Support – We recommend students purchase an extended warranty and user support from the computer manufacturer to cover any hardware malfunctions that will last your entire law school career. For user support, please visit the Maine Law Technology Department. We provide basic technical support for most laptops running the Windows or Mac operating systems. Support is provided to students as our time and resources permit.
  • University Discounts for Hardware and Software – We do not endorse any specific model or brand of computer. We only request students purchase a business class model. However, several companies offer discounts to University students.To take advantage of these programs, visit the Mylaw portal.

Purchase a Laptop with Financial Aid

Maine Law students may add the cost of a new laptop computer, up to a maximum of $2,500, to their educational budget. This is for financial aid purposes and may be done only once during their law school career.

In order to qualify, you must provide a copy or your purchase receipt to the Student Financial Aid Office at the law school. The additional cost can be covered by an increase to your current Graduate Plus loan. To qualify for financial aid support, your laptop must meet Maine Law minimum specifications.