Tuition rates for J.D. students vary according to the student’s residency and are determined at the time of acceptance. For additional information on determining your residency status, please visit the residency section on the University of Southern Maine’s website.

Tuition Charges 2018-2019

Maine Resident $22,290
New England Regional Program & Canadian Citizens* $30,420
Non-Maine Resident $33,360
LL.M. Student $35,000

*A number of New England residents, from states that do not have a state law school, are granted New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) rates. Canadian citizens are granted a tuition rate similar to the NEBHE rate. 

In addition, full-time students pay approximately $1270 per year in mandatory fees.

Tuition Charges Per Credit Hour

For students registered for fewer than 12 credits:

Maine Resident $743
New England Regional Program $1,014
Non-Maine Resident $1,112
LL.M. Student $1,459

New England Regional Program (NEBHE) Tuition Rates

Each year, by virtue of the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) Compact, a limited number of students from New England states, other than Connecticut and Massachusetts, are eligible to pay a special tuition rate equal to the in-state tuition rate plus 50%. Unless the NEBHE Compact changes and/or the University policy changes, a student who enters the Law School eligible for NEBHE rates will remain eligible for this consideration during the full three years he or she is enrolled.

Military Benefits for Veterans and Current Military Personnel

All current members and veterans of the United States Armed Forces are eligible for in-state tuition, regardless of residency status. If you are a veteran or currently serving in the Armed Forces, please include a DD 2-14 and a Certificate of Eligibility with your application. If you are currently serving in the Armed Forces, you must also provide a copy of your military ID.

Student Budget

It is estimated that a single student will spend approximately $16,694 during the nine month academic year on fees, books, housing, travel, and other living expenses.


Application For Admission:

The University of Maine School of Law has waived its application fee for J.D. applicants.

Unified Fee:

A mandatory fee used to cover fixed costs of providing educational services that may not already be supported by tuition. This fee is assessed on a per credit hour basis and is $29 per credit hour per semester.

Transportation Fee:

A mandatory fee assessed to all students registered for courses. It is charged per semester of attendance.
0.5 – 5.99 credits $55
6.0 – 11.9 credits $83
12 or more credits $110

Transportation Fee funds essential services required by the law school and USM, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Parking lot and walkway paving, plowing, sanding, and maintenance;
  2. Security lighting in parking lots and parking garages;
  3. Security cameras and emergency call boxes in dorms, parking lots, and parking garages; and
  4. Police services provided by the Office of Public Safety.

Student Activity Fee (Per Semester):

$50 – a mandatory fee that supports educational, cultural, and social activities.

Health Service Fee:

$80 per semester or $160 per year. The University provides health services. A mandatory fee is charged to students registered for six or more credits. This fee eliminates charges for office visits and reduces charges for other services. Students registered for less than six credits can voluntarily pay this fee and gain access to the same services. This is separate from costs associated with the optional health insurance available through the University.

Transition and Orientation Fee:

$375 per semester – a mandatory fee for LL.M. students only.

Health Insurance

The University of Maine System requires proof of health insurance as a condition of enrollment for all Maine Law students taking 6 credits or more. In conjunction with this, the University of Maine System offers a Student Health Insurance Policy (SHIP). Read more information on the mandatory health insurance requirement.

For additional billing information, visit the University of Southern Maine Student Accounts Office.