The Certificate in Business and Transactional Law is designed to provide students with the tools they need for rural or small-city transactional practice, as well as grounding for representing larger corporate clients in their transactions. Courses, seminars and practicums. Practicum seminars in tax, commercial law, business associations, acquisitions and dispositions, and economic development focus on building transactional skills.

The program is open to current J.D. students and consists of the following components:

  • Coursework: Complete at least two of three required courses (Business Associations, Taxation I, and/or Commercial Law: Sale of Goods and Secured Transactions) and at least nine credits from courses related to Business and Transactional Law, one of which must include a financial literacy component).
  • Paper: Write a paper on a topic related to business and transactional law.
  • Experiential Learning: Complete a pre-approved externship, job, or practicum related to business and transactional law.