Center for Law + Innovation Privacy Law Fellow

Peter CatyBackground

Class 2020

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

Undergrad: Fairfield University (Politics/Journalism)

Grad: Syracuse University (Photojournalism)

What did you do prior to coming to the University of Maine School of Law?

Prior to coming to the University of Maine School of Law, I worked several different types of jobs in the film industry in Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY.

In Los Angeles, I was a 1st and 2nd camera assistant on commercials and television shows. In New York, I worked as an aerial cinematographer and a drone tech on feature films, television shows, and commercials.

Maine Law

Why did you choose to attend the University of Maine School of Law?

Shortly after I moved to New York City in 2015, I hiked Mount Katahdin and knew that I wanted to live in Maine in the future. When I decided to attend law school, I went to a law school forum in New York City. There, I met Carrie Wilshusen and kept in contact. Carrie assured me that it was not necessary to come from a legal background prior to attending law school. Additionally, the small class size and close-knit community at Maine Law provided the type of learning environment I was looking for.

What has been most helpful to you in making the adjustment to the life of a Maine Law student?

The 2Ls and 3Ls at Maine Law were very helpful and generous with their time when answering questions about classes and giving advice about jobs and school.

As a 1L, how would you describe your experience at Maine Law?

At first, it was a hard transition to make coming from a world where I worked on my feet all day. My 1L year was challenging, but I have grown so much from the experience and cannot wait to start my 2L year this fall!

What are you hoping to do after graduation, and how is Maine Law helping you to facilitate that goal?

After graduation, I am hoping to work in the information privacy and data security field. I was accepted as the Information Privacy Fellow for my class, and this summer I worked as a research intern at the International Association of Privacy Professionals in Portsmouth, NH. My advisor, Professor Peter Guffin, has also been very helpful in connecting me with professionals in the field.


When you are not at school, how do you like to spend your time?

In the fall and winter, when the swells come to Maine, I shoot surf photography for I also love hiking and camping in the mountains in Maine and New Hampshire.


What do you like best about Portland?

I love living near the ocean. Also, the coffee selection here is incredible.

What are some things that have surprised you about Portland?

Scratch bagels. Who knew you could get amazing bagels this far north?

What is your favorite thing to do in Portland?

The greater Portland area has some excellent beaches. I love to grab my fins and go body surfing at Higgins Beach.