Felix Hagenimana


Class of 2018

Hometown: San Francisco, California; Kigara, Rwanda

Undergrad: The University of Rwanda and Western Governors University in Utah

Majors/Minors: Translation studies at the University of Rwanda, B.S. at Western Governors University

What did you do prior to coming to the University of Maine School of Law?

I worked as an editor for the bible society of Rwanda. I also worked with the BBC as a consultant, facilitating interviews. I did some early literacy assessment instruments for schools at the Rwandan Industry of Education in Partnership with USAID. After that I lived in San Francisco taking courses online with Western Governors and working for the University of California, mainly as a research analyst.

Maine Law

Why did you choose to attend the University of Maine School of Law?

In 2012, I came to Portland for a few months and was able to meet some immigrants from Rwanda and the Congo. They seemed to really enjoy Portland.

I also spoke with a former professor here, Cushman Anthony (who helped start the Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic), and that experience was great.

How would you describe your experience at Maine Law?

It has been a great experience. The school has a great collegial atmosphere.  The professors are accessible and know all the names of the students—it is an incredible community. The small size allows access to so much.

What is one thing that has surprised you about Maine Law?

Being a non-traditional law student, I was surprised by the diversity of age and background.


Are you involved in extracurricular activities, either on or off campus?

I try to get involved with the immigrant communities in the area. I am planning to be involved in the International Law Society and Multicultural Society at Maine Law. I’m also currently volunteering with the Refugee and Human Rights Clinic as a translator.

When you are not at school, how do you like to spend your time?

I like to get involved in the community. I like to play soccer and watch the English premier league.


What do you like best about living in Portland?

Incredible city, one that you can get around easily. It really is just beautiful.


How would you describe the student community here to someone who is considering attending Maine Law?

The student community is very supportive. If you are coming from San Francisco you need to buy winter clothes before you come!

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