The University of Maine School of Law is one of the most affordable law schools, for both tuition and cost of living, in the country. Tuition rates for J.D. students vary according to the student’s residency and are determined at the time of acceptance.

Tuition Charges Per Credit Hour

Maine Residents & Canadian Citizens*$796
New England Regional Program (Vermont & Rhode Island)$1,055
Non-Maine Resident$1,200
LL.M. Student$1,459
M.L.S Student$1,156
*Continuing Maine Residents and Canadian Students, who were enrolled in the 2022/2023 academic year, pay $773 per credit hour.

New England Regional Program (NEBHE) Tuition Rates

Each year, by virtue of the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) Compact, a limited number of students from Rhode Island and Vermont are eligible to pay a special tuition rate equal to the in-state tuition rate plus 50%. Unless the NEBHE Compact changes and/or the University policy changes, a student who enters the Law School eligible for NEBHE rates will remain eligible for this consideration during the full three years he or she is enrolled.

All current members and veterans of the United States Armed Forces are eligible for in-state tuition, regardless of residency status. If you are a veteran or currently serving in the Armed Forces, please include a Certificate of Eligibility with your application.

Application For Admission:

The University of Maine School of Law has waived its application fee for J.D. applicants.

Mandatory Fees:

Activity Fee:

$75 per semester

Charged once each semester and supports educational, cultural, and social activities.

Program Fee:

$45 per credit hour

This fee is charged each semester and covers fixed costs of providing educational and student services not already supported by tuition.

Technology Fee:

$7 per credit hour

This fee supports the campus technology and educational environment necessary to meet the technological demands of the University of Maine community.

Parking Fee:

$500 per semester

This fee is charged each semester and covers the cost of providing parking spaces to students.

Transition and Orientation Fee:

$375 per semester – a mandatory fee for LL.M. students only.

The information below represents the annual cost for new, full-time students, enrolling in 15 credits for the FALL 2023 semester and the SPRING 2024 semester.

Tuition Charges Per Academic Year

Maine Resident & Canadian Citizens$23,880
Mandatory Fees$3,060
Books and Supplies$2,000
Food and Housing$12,350
Loan Fees$884

Health Insurance

Visit the University of Southern Maine’s website to learn about Voluntary Student Health Insurance Options.

The Chancellor recommends tuition, fees, and room and board rates for approval by the Board of Trustees each year, and they become effective after the summer term. The Board may alter these rates at its discretion.