The Academic Success Program (ASP)

The goal of the Academic Success Program is to teach the skills necessary to study the law effectively and to present strategies that will enable you to make the most of your academic efforts and to minimize stress.

In addition to the weekly Teaching Fellow sessions, the program also includes: first year orientation, skills workshops, bar exam course, individual consultations, and the academic success library.

First-year Orientation

The Orientation Program occurs in August before classes begin and is required for all first-year students. The ASP component of the Orientation Program covers basic concepts relating to the successful study of law: the methodology of law school instruction and the principles of basic legal analysis. The Orientation Program also strives more generally to make all students feel comfortable in the law school environment by providing incoming students with opportunities to socialize with their fellow classmates, 2L and 3L students, and the Law School administration and faculty.

Academic Enrichment Workshops

To assist all first year students in their transition into law school, the ASP offers two large group workshops in the fall semester. The first workshop focuses on the basic skills needed to transition to law school, including time management, reading and briefing cases, and preparing for class. The second workshop focuses on outlining and exam preparation. In the spring semester, the ASP offers a comprehensive exam preparation workshop.

Teaching Fellow Sessions

Teaching Fellows (Fellows) are hired from the 2L and 3L classes and assigned to a particular first year course (except for Legal Writing). During the first year, the Fellows conduct weekly study group sessions where students are able to discuss materials that are covered in class, with an emphasis on learning the skills needed to be successful in law school. Fellows teach strategies to more effectively manage your time, read and brief cases, take class notes, outline, and approach hypotheticals.

Individual Consultations & Resources

All students have a variety of avenues for individualized instruction:

  • ASP Fellow: Assigned to work with individuals (1L, 2L, and 3L students) and small groups to develop study strategies for any and all classes. This Fellow is available during set office hours and by appointment.
  • Faculty Office Hours: Maine Law prides itself on professor accessibility, and all students are encouraged to take advantage of their professors’ open doors for one-on-one substantive instruction.
  • ASP Teaching Fellows & Doctrinal Course Support: An upper-level student serves as Teaching Fellow (TF) for each doctrinal course. TFs conduct weekly study group sessions discussing topics covered in class and introduce learning strategies, including time management, note taking, reading and briefing cases, outlining, and exam writing.
  • Individual Tutors:  Tutors for 1L doctrinal classes are available to those students who want one-on-one assistance in specific 1L course subjects. Students interested in working with a tutor should contact the Office of Student Services.
  • Upper Level Support: Academic Success Teaching Fellows work with some upper level courses, including Administrative and Legislative Law, and also provide tutoring to various upper level subjects.

Academic Success Library

The Office of Student Services maintains a library of academic support materials. Books are available for checkout for all students.