Our Academic Success Program (ASP) is designed to help Maine Law students learn how to succeed in law school. Some highlights of the program include:

  • First-Year Orientation: The ASP component of the Orientation program covers basic concepts relating to the successful study of law, the methodology of law school instruction, and the principles of basic legal analysis.
  • Teaching Fellows: ASP selects several second-year students, called Teaching Fellows (TFs), to guide first-year students in successfully making the transition to law school.
  • TF Sessions: During the first year, the TFs conduct weekly study group sessions where students are able to discuss materials that are covered in class. TFs also teach strategies to more effectively manage your time, read and brief cases, take class notes, outline, and approach hypotheticals.
  • Academic Success Library: ASP maintains a library of academic support materials. Books are available for checkout for all students.