The University of Maine School of Law offers an LL.M. program designed for both U.S. and foreign students and practitioners who have earned a law degree or equivalent qualifications to practice law in their home countries. Through a rigorous program of study, LL.M. candidates learn about many aspects of the U.S. legal system as well as international law. The curriculum is designed to meet individual participants’ needs and interests.

In addition to offering a wide range of courses, Maine Law also offers an Information Privacy Track to LL.M. students.

If it is offered during the course of their enrollment, all foreign students are required to take Introduction to U.S. Law (LAW 785). Beyond that requirement, students can choose from a sampling of courses (depending on course availability and requirements). While no thesis is required, students have the freedom to pursue a variety of writing projects and applied research projects or fieldwork, depending on their interests.

The LL.M. program at Maine Law is normally completed in one academic year.  The program requires the completion of 24 semester hours of credit.

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Learning Outcomes for LL.M. Program

  1. Graduates will demonstrate advanced knowledge and understanding of the doctrines of law that are relevant to their area of concentration.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in the legal context, in writing and orally.
  3. Graduates will demonstrate advanced legal research, analysis, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.