The Ocean and Coastal Law Journal (OCLJ) is dedicated to facilitating discourse on legal issues related to domestic and international use of the sea and seashores. One of the few journals of its kind in the country, OCLJ is published annually by second and third year students at the University of Maine School of Law. Volumes include articles by practitioners and scholars, as well as comments and case notes written by students addressing issues of marine resource regulation, alternative energy development, boundary delimitation, coastal zone management, marine environmental protection, and other topics of importance in the field of ocean and coastal law. The OCLJ is affiliated with the Center for Oceans & Coastal Law at Maine Law.

The OCLJ provides two years of research, writing, and editing experience to its student editors, who are required to produce a comment or two case notes of publishable quality on an ocean or coastal issue during their second year. In addition to fulfilling their writing requirement, student editors become familiar with current issues in the field of ocean and coastal law while carefully editing works accepted for publication.

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Volume 23 Editors

  • Editor-in-Chief: Isacc P. McMahon
  • Managing Editor: Casey Weed
  • Executive Editor: Kurt Peterson
  • Articles Editors: Cody Mason & Nona Gillis
  • Case Note and Comment Editors: Katie Bernhardt, Kelsey Doane, Tyler Lauzon, & Joseph Foltz
  • Online Editor: Rebecca LaPierre

Staff Editors:

  • Adam Bohanan
  • Matthew Bowen
  • Ben Plante
  • Shea Watson
  • Tyler Costello
  • Dominic Parent
  • Rebecca Totten
  • Shannon Flaherty
  • Alex Brindley
  • Chelsey Marto
  • Steven Rice
  • Christiana Rein

Academic Advisors: