Most students enrolled in Clinic courses also participate in the Protection from Abuse Program, where they represent victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Student attorneys attend at least one or two days of the protection from abuse (PFA) docket calls in Lewiston District Court. The Clinic’s work in this program is highly valued by the courts, as the PFA proceedings are often highly contentious and emotional.

With the assistance of counsel most cases are settled without a trial. If an agreed resolution of the case cannot be reached through negotiation, the student attorney represents the client at trial. Clinic student attorneys work closely with court advocates from Safe Voices, a non-profit organization based in Lewiston-Auburn. This collaboration ensures that every client not only receives legal representation in the protection order case but also receives the necessary support and resources to escape violence in the long-term. Every Clinic student also receives training on the dynamics of domestic violence and on the legal remedies available to victims.