Maine Law will co-host second annual Indian Law & History Lecture

The second Annual Indian Law & History Lecture will be presented virtually on Friday, November 18 from 12:00 to 1:30 PM.

The lecture will explore the Doctrine of Discovery, a millennia-old legal principle, which forms the foundation for Western property law and was first espoused by the Pope as justification for the Christian Crusades. Following the Crusades, the Doctrine of Discovery was relied upon by various European nation-states as a legal justification for the colonization of the Americas.

In particular, this lecture will feature Professor Rebecca Tsosie, of the University of Arizona Law School, and Professor Darren Ranco, of the University of Maine-Orono, who will explore the underpinnings of the Doctrine of Discovery in American jurisprudence and will reflect on how the doctrine was implemented or, rather, ignored in the place now known as the State of Maine. This lecture will be moderated by Michael-Corey Hinton of Drummond Woodsum.


Professor Rebecca Tsosie

University of Arizona Law School

Professor Darren Ranco

University of Maine-Orono


Michael-Corey Hinton

Attorney, Leader of Drummond Woodsum’s Tribal Nations Practice Group