More than twenty-six percent of the Maine Law Class of 2018 selected for prestigious judicial clerkships

More than twenty-six percent of the Maine Law Class of 2018 selected for prestigious judicial clerkships

As of May 23, 2018, eighteen third-year students (26.6% of the Class of 2018) at the University of Maine School of Law have been selected to clerk for state and federal judges in twenty-two clerkships following graduation. These coveted positions provide a wealth of experience and are valued stepping stones to subsequent jobs in the legal profession.

Maine Law has an active Clerkship Committee, comprised of faculty members who seek to build meaningful relationships with members of the judiciary, to educate and advise students about opportunities for clerkships, and to assist students throughout the application process. Associate Professor Sara Wolff is the current chair of that committee. Congratulating our students, she said:

“We are so proud of our Class of 2018 and their successes in securing clerkships this year. I think it is a testament to the high caliber of our students and to our students’ reputation in the legal community for excellence in reasoning and judgment, writing, research, and professionalism. We are just thrilled for our students and look forward to seeing them thrive in their positions.”

“I would like to applaud the efforts of our students as well as the faculty on the Clerkship Committee,” said Dean Danielle Conway. “The Committee’s one-on-one work with our students to guide them through the clerkship application process is just one of many examples of Maine Law’s commitment to each and every student. All of our students have direct access to personalized career guidance from our faculty, staff, and alumni during their time at the Law School.”

The following is the current list of students and their clerkship placements:

U.S. Court of Appeals

  • Sara Cressey (First Circuit, Hon. Kermit V. Lipez; for 2019-2020 term year)

U.S. District Court

  • Sara Cressey (District of Maine, Hon. Jon D. Levy)
  • Bill Wahrer (District of Maine, Hon. John A. Woodcock, Jr.)
  • Carolyn Liegner (District of Maine, Hon. John A. Woodcock, Jr.)
  • Bonnie Ball (District of Maine, Hon. John H. Rich III, U.S. Magistrate Judge; for the 2019-2020 term year)
  • Isaac McMahan (Eastern District of Tennessee, Hon. Pamela L. Reeves; for the 2019-2020 term year)

Immigration Court

  • Joann Bautista (Port Isabel Immigration Court, Port Isabel, Texas, under the Executive Office for Immigration Review)
  • Noel Sidorek (Omaha Immigration Court, Omaha, NE, under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Chief Immigration Judge)

Maine Supreme Judicial Court

  • Bonnie Ball (Hon. Leigh Saufley, Chief Justice)
  • Cyrus Cheslak (Hon. Thomas Humphrey, Associate Justice)
  • Alexandra Harriman (Hon. Andrew Mead, Associate Justice)
  • Casey Olesen (Hon. Joseph Jabar, Associate Justice)
  • Ariel Pardee (Hon. Jeffrey Hjelm, Associate Justice)
  • Hanni Pastinen (Hon. Donald Alexander, Associate Justice)
  • Kurt Petersen (Hon. Joseph Jabar, Associate Justice)
  • Michael G. Walker (Hon. Donald Alexander, Associate Justice)

Maine Superior Court

  • Joshua Avery (Cumberland/York)
  • Jana Kenney (Bangor)
  • Nicole Mason (Augusta)

Maine District Court

  • Shannon Flaherty
  • Amanda LaBelle

State of Connecticut, Superior Court

  • Tara Golson

We hope to announce more clerkship placements for Maine Law students in the coming months.

*This story was updated on 5/23/18.