University of Maine at Augusta

Agreement between University of Maine at Augusta and Maine Law allows students to pursue undergraduate and law degree through 3 + 3 Admissions Program

An agreement between the University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) and the University of Maine School of Law (Maine Law) will allow students to combine their final year at UMA with their first year at Maine Law. The 3+3 Program allows students in their junior year (equivalent of 91 credits) at UMA to apply to Maine Law and if accepted, take first year law classes that would fulfill their undergraduate degree at UMA.

Students who choose the accelerated 3+3 program save their final year of college tuition and position themselves to enter the legal field a year earlier.

“We are excited to enter into this agreement,” stated Sharon McMahon Sawyer, UMA Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of the Justice Studies Program. “The 3+3 Program with Maine Law provides a cost effective and timely pathway for those seeking to obtain a law degree.”

This new educational opportunity, which is overseen by UMA’s Justice Studies Program, requires a student be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program at UMA, apply to Maine Law during the appropriate admissions cycle, and take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).  Complete details are available on UMA’s website. Admission is not guaranteed, and students are evaluated as part of the entire field of law school applicants.