Student Organizations

Student organizations are an important piece of the student experience at the University of Maine School of Law. The currently active student organizations are listed below:

American Constitution Society

The American Constitution Society’s purpose is to provide an open forum for the “marketplace of ideas.” To this end, their purpose includes, but is not limited to, the sponsorship of lectures and discussions that are academically rigorous and intellectually honest concerning the courts, government, politics and jurisprudence.

Business Law Association
Maine Law Business Law Association on Facebook

The Business Law Association of the University of Maine School of Law aims to provide a forum for law students interested in business and corporate law, information concerning business law courses, programs, and future careers in the field, and promote an understanding of current legal and corporate issues. To meet this mission, the objectives of the BLA shall be to (1) enhance the law student experience by creating a forum which allows students to explore issues related to business and corporate law as practiced in a variety of settings; (2) promote various educational and networking opportunities for students with interest in the various fields of business law; and (3) facilitate knowledge of and participation in a business curriculum.

Criminal Law Society

The Criminal Law Society, comprised of members of all perspectives, strives to promote criminal law dialogue, practice, policy, and scholarship. The organization is committed to increasing the presence of criminal law within our school as well as contributing to the criminal law community at large. To meet this mission, the Criminal Law Society invites speakers, holds panels, hosts networking events and facilitates educational and professional opportunities for its members.

Environmental & Energy Law Society

The Environmental & Energy Law Society (EELS) provides students with information on current topics in the fields of energy and environmental law to encourage increased awareness and promote the protection of the environment. The Environmental and Energy Law Society, in coordination with the University of Maine System, organizes educational speaking events, panel discussions on issues concerning energy and the environment, as well as promoting sustainability in the use of law school facilities. EELS strives to put the skills and education of the law profession to constructive and meaningful use in the policy debate surrounding environmental and energy issues. EELS activities represent the collective values and ideals of its participating membership.

Family Law Society

The Family Law Society (FLS) was established for the purpose of developing networking skills and fostering an interest in family law. We come together to support each other in learning, and encourage each member’s integration into the family law field. FLS aims to provide the student body with an opportunity to learn about the various sub-specialties of family law and connect with current family law practitioners through lunchtime speakers, semester events, and educational meetings.

Federalist Society
Maine Law Federalist Society on Facebook

The Federalist Society for Law and Public Studies is a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in the current state of the legal order. It is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be. The Society seeks both to promote an awareness of these principles and to further their application through its activities.

International Law Society
Maine Law International Law Society on Facebook

The ILS is an academic and social group interested in public international law (the law between nations and international organizations), law internationally (laws within different nations), and international affairs. On-campus events normally revolve around a guest speaker on an international law topic, but ILS also helps students learn about study abroad programs, assists newly arrived foreign law students, and sponsors needy children overseas.

LGBT+ Law & Policy Group
LGBT+ Law & Policy Group on Facebook

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Plus (LGBT+*) Law & Policy Group serves as an educational, political, and social group for the LGBT community at the University of Maine School of Law. The Group serves as a support system for the LGBT community and is dedicated to the inclusion of all people who are interested in furthering the goals of our community. We are committed to raising awareness about issues that impact the LGBT+ community and advocating for those issues on both the legal and policy fronts.

*The + denotes that the group is inclusive and open to all regardless or race, religion, sex, gender, nationality, disability, or sexual orientation.

Maine Association for Public Interest Law
Maine Association for Public Interest Law on Facebook

The Maine Association for Public Interest Law (MAPIL) is a group affiliated with the National Association for Public Interest Law (NAPIL). The organization has three goals. The first is to encourage students to engage in one of many diverse volunteer legal opportunities during the school year and summer. The second goal is to encourage students to pursue careers in the public arena by demonstrating that public interest work is a viable and desirable alternative to working in the private sector. Third, MAPIL promotes the ethic of pro bono work. Money raised by MAPIL in their annual auction is awarded to students who engage in public interest work during the summer months.

Maine Association for Sports and Entertainment Law

Founded in 1995, this organization seeks to present programs and provide information about the field of sports and entertainment.

Maine Juvenile Law Society

The Maine Juvenile Law Society (MJLS) is a newly formed student group that focuses on the interactions that occur between juvenile offenders and the legal system. Through facilitating group discussions on, and educating other students about, the overall juvenile justice system, MJLS plans to raise awareness about relevant concerns as well as benefits that could come with having a separate system for juveniles. The MJLS intends to achieve these goals through community meetings featuring professors, students, and local attorneys.

Maine Law Basketball Association
Maine Law Basketball Association on Facebook

The Maine Law Basketball Association was established in 2009, and has quickly become one of the largest and most active student groups at Maine Law.

While the group’s membership cuts across all classes, genders and skill levels, there is one unifying attribute of its members: an emphasis on fun. We are dedicated to helping students achieve a life/work balance while at school; fostering networking; and honing team working skills. We regularly play at the Sullivan Gym on the USM campus, but also often play outdoors when weather permits.

Maine Law Policy Group

Maine Law Policy Group is a nonpartisan student group that provides Maine Law students an opportunity to gain real experience in the world of lobbying, public policy, and government affairs. The group conducts research, generates legislative and administrative proposals, meets with legislators and professionals, and engages in communications work—all with the goal of implementing real policy changes

Multicultural Association at Maine Law
Multicultural Association at Maine Law on Facebook

The Multicultural Association at Maine Law, established in 2010, is a community‑minded, academic, political, social, and professional law student organization. MAML is dedicated to serving the multicultural community at Maine Law and the community at large. MAML’s goal is to foster an understanding of the diverse multicultural issues by increasing awareness about the culture, history, and current struggle of our community, and providing a safe atmosphere to voice our concerns. MAML also works closely with other student organizations in coordinating various educational and social events. MAML is open to all Maine Law students of every background.

Parents in Law at Maine Law
Parents in Law on Facebook
Parents in Law (PIL) , established in 2013, is a social, academic, and professional law student organization. PIL aims to provide a casual forum for student parents while offering an academic support network. Our goals are to support students who are also parents and to help those students and their families manage the challenges of balancing school and family life. We are dedicated to serving as an advocate within the school for students with children.

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) is a group created to increase education and awareness about the growing legal field of animal rights and welfare law in Maine, as well as worldwide. The group aims to promote current issues in animal law to Maine Law students through guest speakers, related events, fundraisers, and educational meetings.

Student Veterans Organization (SVO)

The Maine Law Student Veterans Organization supports veterans on campus as they pursue their legal education. As a chapter of the Student Veterans of America, the Maine Law SVO works with the administration and faculty to create the most welcoming environment possible for veterans. Whether answering questions regarding VA benefits or providing guidance to service members transitioning from the battlefield to the classroom, the priority of the Maine Law SVO is serving those who have served.

Transactional Law Society

The Transactional Law Society is an organization dedicated to providing students with opportunities for education, networking and professional development in transactional practice. The landscape of transactional practice is wide and diverse, including such specialties as corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, financing, bankruptcy, real estate, taxation, and intellectual property, among others. Group events will include individual and panel discussions with guest speakers from the Maine legal community, who can share details of their unique transactional practices with students at Maine Law.

Women's Law Association
Women’s Law Association on Facebook
The Women’s Law Association has developed in response to the increased awareness of the impact of the law on women and the impact of the growing number of women attorneys on the law. Through its educational activities, the WLA encourages the development of a network among women at the law school, women practitioners in all branches of the legal field, women in the judiciary, and organizations in the state that are concerned with issues affecting women.