Request reference assistance by telephone 207.780.4351, or email  Reference librarians are available to answer research questions and provide assistance locating information during regular reference desk hours. At other times patrons may telephone the reference line and leave a phone message requesting reference information. The Reference librarians also offer tours of the law library and research instruction for traditional print resources as well as electronic database instruction.

Using the Online Catalog (URSUS)

Materials collected by the Law Library are included in URSUS, the shared University of Maine System library system. We recommend that you limit your search location to our collection by selecting “University of Maine School of Law” from the drop-down menu.

URSUS searches the cataloged material of most of the major libraries in Maine, including the University of Maine System & Law and Legislative Reference Library. Read how to use URSUS or watch How to Search URSUS.

Primary Material

Primary materials, such as case reporters, statutes, session laws, and administrative codes collected by the Library, are included in the on-line catalog, URSUS.

Government Documents

Most of the U.S. Government documents in the Library collection are cataloged. Can not find a needed Government Document?  Contact the Reference Desk at 207-780-4351 or

Locating books and other physical resources

Visit the circulation desk during regular hours to request reserve materials.

Please ask at the Circulation or Reference Desk if you need assistance in locating material. Contact the Reference Desk at 207-780-4351 or  Circulation is available at 207-780-4350.