Maine has been considered a strong “home rule” state since November 1969, when an amendment to the state constitution delegated broad “home rule” ordinance powers to cities and towns. Cities and towns have the right to enact laws that are municipal in nature and that do not frustrate or run counter to a state law or a law for which the state has not prohibited it from passing. The concept of home rule is very important to local government because without home rule authority, cities and towns would depend on specific acts of the State Legislature for their governing authority. The Law Library’s Maine Town Ordinances LawGuide compiles links for each city or town that has ordinances online. There is a link to their ordinance page when available; however, some towns only provide for contact information to acquire ordinances. The guide will also provide a link to the list of municipalities for that county, is provided either by the county government’s website or the state government’s website as well as a link to the county Registry of Deeds.