Faculty Scholarship

Our Digital Commons is an open access repository of publications authored by Maine Law faculty.

Maine Superior Court Decisions

The Law Library maintains an online database of all Superior Court Decisions supplied by the clerks of the Court from 2000 to present. A paper collection of decisions pre-dating 2000 can be accessed by scheduling a time to visit with a reference librarian.

Town Ordinances

The Law Library’s LawGuide to Maine Town Ordinances compiles links for each city or town that has ordinances published on its website. There is a link to their ordinance page when available; however, some towns only provide for contact information to acquire ordinances. The guide also has links to the list of municipalities for that county, is provided either by the county government’s website or the state government’s website as well as a link to the county Registry of Deeds.

Maine Law Journals

Maine Law Review

Ocean And Coastal Law Journal

The Student Journal of Information Privacy Law