Catalog (URSUS)

Finding and Using Reference Materials

How to Use the Online Catalog (URSUS)

All materials owned by the Library are listed in our computer catalog, URSUS. URSUS is the on-line catalog for the University of Maine System libraries. URSUS provides access to the cataloged material in the Library as well as most of the major libraries in Maine, including the University of Maine System, Bowdoin, Bates, and Colby Colleges, and the Law and Legislative Reference Library. (A separate guide to using URSUS is available at the Reference Desk.) 

How to Determine the Library's Holdings of Primary Material

Primary material, such as case reporters, statutes, session laws, and administrative codes, which the Library currently receives is included in the on-line catalog, URSUS. (A guide to shelf locations of materials is available at the circulation desk.) Please ask at the Circulation or Reference Desks if you need assistance in locating material. 

How to Determine if the Library Owns a Government Document

Most of the U.S. Government documents the Library owns are cataloged. However, some materials have not been cataloged or are cataloged as part of a series you may not be aware of. Whenever you are seeking a government document and cannot find it in URSUS you should ask a Reference Librarian for help.

How to Borrow Material from the Library

To borrow material simply visit the Circulation Desk with the item you wish to borrow. Please note that most of the materials the Library owns may not be checked out of the building, although they can be signed out to a student's carrel or a faculty member's office. Classified treatises are the only materials that can leave the building. Members of the general public may borrow classified treatises provided they first fill out a patron registration form at the Circulation Desk. Materials shelved behind the Circulation Desk can be signed out for one day, but must not leave the building. All materials are subject to recall at any time. 

How to Have the Library Borrow Material for You from Another Library

If, after searching URSUS and consulting a reference librarian, you cannot find the material that you need at the Law Library, you may obtain it from another library in the University of Maine System by using the requestor function on URSUS. If material desired by University of Maine Law School students, faculty, staff and members of the legal community is not available on URSUS, we will try to obtain it for you from another library. Interlibrary loan borrowing transactions take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to complete. Request forms are available at the Reference Desk, Circulation Desk, in the Interlibrary Loan Office (Room 409), or online. A separate form should be completed for each item requested; an online form is available for each book and article. You may also call the Interlibrary Loan Office directly at (207)780-4818, FAX to (207) 780-4913 or e-mail

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