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The Computer Lab

Access to the library's Computer Lab* (rooms 304 and 306) is limited to law school students, faculty and staff. Use of the PCs is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Law students may also use any of USM's computer labs, including the main facility located in Luther Bonney Hall. Login is based on UMS Username and Password.

* Computer Lab is scheduled to be eliminated summer 2014.


Students, Faculty & staff may print from any computer lab on campus as well as the public access machines in the law library for four cents per copy. You must have a balance on your MAINELAW Card, the current rate is four cents per copy. Printing to the Lexis printer is free for Law Student, Faculty & Staff.

Law Firms may print from the public access machines on the third floor of the law library with a Maine Law Firm Card. Contact Sherry McCall, Circulation/ ILL Librarian.

General Public
may print from the public access machines on the third floor of the law library with a GUESTcard. You may obtain or add value to a GUESTcard from the CVC unit located on the third floor by the circulation desk. The card is dispensed for $5.00.

Fee Schedule


All three photocopiers are located on the third floor. Two machines are equipped to use the MAINELAWcard or GUESTcard and the other is equipped with a key code pad. Key codes are given to faculty,staff and approved student groups. Firms are encouraged to purchase a USMCard through the online request form due to the ability to cancel and/or transfer balances of lost cards. Cards purchased through the CVC are generic untraceable cards. Departments may obtain a card one time free of charge through the Campus Card Office. Firms pay a minimal fee of $5.00.

Fee Schedule


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