Maine Law professor publishes book, The Law of Energy Underground

Professor Don ZillmanThe laws and environmental impacts related to ‘fracking’ for oil and gas, storage of nuclear waste, and other pressing energy questions of our time are the subject of a new book that was edited by a University of Maine Law professor.

Professor Don Zillman was the lead editor and a contributing author to The Law of Energy Underground: Understanding New Developments in Subsurface Production, Transmission and Storage. The book was published this spring by Oxford University Press, the world’s leading academic publisher.

The Law of Energy Underground explores the rapid development of new technologies for extracting energy from beneath the earth’s surface, and for the underground storage or disposal of hazardous byproducts such as spent nuclear fuel. The book examines different regulatory responses to these developments, both here in the U.S., and around the world. Zillman and his fellow authors also assess the environmental impact of energy extraction technologies such as ‘fracking’.

“The book considers a wide range of issues from the new technologies for oil and gas production to reduction of climate change through carbon capture and storage to permanent storage of nuclear waste and spent nuclear fuel,” Zillman said. “Who owns extraction or storage rights? Who is responsible for protection against environmental harms, or the settlement of international disputes? These are some of the complex legal issues that we tackle in the book.”

Professor Zillman wrote the chapter on nuclear waste disposal in the United States and other nuclear nations. As lead editor, he was also responsible for the gathering of 23 chapters by 35 authors from 22 nations, as well as preparing the Introduction and Conclusion for the book. Professor Zillman previously served as Dean of the University of Maine School of Law, from 1991 to 1998, and more recently as President of the University of Maine at Presque Isle. He specializes in energy law and military law and has written over 50 law review articles and been author or editor on 12 books in those areas. At Maine Law, he also has also taught Property, Constitutional Law, Torts, and Legal Writing.