Marni Maynard ’17 serves as Global Fellow for the Hawai’i Institute for Human Rights

Marni Maynard '17Marni Maynard, a rising third year student at Maine Law, is serving as a Global Fellow for the Hawaiʻi Institute for Human Rights (HIHR) this summer.  The Global Fellow works with the United Nations (UN) in New York and also with Joshua Cooper, Executive Director of HIHR, on projects for the UN in Geneva and Thailand.

As the Global Fellow, Marni recently participated in the 15th annual United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. This historic forum was an opportunity for Indigenous People to address the highest body at the UN focusing on Indigenous Peoples’ human rights.  At this forum, Marni worked with Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific including with the Pacific Caucus, a coalition of Indigenous Peoples from dozens of countries and independence movements.   She assisted with the preparation of a core training presentation to the world’s indigenous peoples to ensure effective participation in the UN on opening day. She also provided valuable research that contributed to the interventions delivered on the floor of the UN by indigenous peoples from Africa to Asia on important legal topics of human rights, environment, health and economic and social development.

Prior to attending Maine Law, Marni worked as an assistant to S. Donald Sussman.  She decided at age 37 to finish her undergraduate degree so that she could attend law school.

When describing her fellowship, Marni said: “Having the opportunity to attend the 15th PFII with Joshua Cooper is, I consider, the ultimate privilege. His human rights work is prolific and he’s also an amazing teacher. I learned so much from him and am inspired to help others.”