Eighth annual Information Privacy Summer Institute brings top scholars to Maine

Eighth annual Information Privacy Summer Institute brings top scholars to Maine

The Center for Law + Innovation at the University of Maine School of Law will host its annual summer institute in privacy and information security law from May 22 – June 9. The eighth annual event held in Portland, Maine, features leading privacy law professors and practitioners, and is the only program of its kind in the U.S.

The Information Privacy Summer Institute is a joint effort of Maine Law and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).  J. Trevor Hughes, a 1995 graduate of Maine Law, is president and CEO of the IAPP. Hughes has been instrumental in providing opportunities for students to gain knowledge, credentials, and connections in the information privacy world.

The Institute has become a popular selection for individuals interested in pursuing careers in the field of information privacy, one of the fastest growing areas of the law. This summer’s courses include: Global Privacy Law (Professor Omer Tene); Privacy in the Workplace (Professor Heather Egan Sussman); Health Care Privacy & Security (Professor Kirk Nahra); and Big Data Law & Policy (Professor Dennis Hirsch). All classes will be held at the Wishcamper Center on Bedford Street in Portland. Professionals can register for courses online at: mainelawcommunity.org/2017-information-privacy. Law students should contact lawregistrar@maine.edu to register.

“Information privacy is an emerging specialty legal field,” says Rita Heimes, IAPP Research Director and a Senior Fellow with the Center for Law and Innovation. “But I’m sure if you ask lawyers working in employment, health, finance, mergers and acquisitions, even family law, they’re running across privacy and security issues often. So are law firms that have to beef up their own privacy and security procedures to protect client data. The Summer Institute is a great place to dive in to the subject.”

Maine Law also partnered with the IAPP to launch a Certificate in Information Privacy Law in the fall of 2016. Candidates in this program earn the Certificate through a combination of coursework, experiential learning, a writing project, and certification through the International Association of Privacy Professionals. There is only one other Privacy Law Certificate currently being offered in the U.S.