General Information

Cancellation of Classes Due to Inclement Weather

The rules of the University of Southern Maine (USM) govern the Law School’s cancellation of classes due to inclement weather. Only the President or his/her specific designee may determine whether the campus is open or closed during a storm or other emergency. Classes at the Law School are cancelled whenever day classes as the University of Southern Maine are canceled. Additionally, Maine Law’s offices will be closed when classes are canceled.

Cancellation of day classes will be announced on most local radio and television stations as close to 6:00 a.m. as possible. Recorded announcements on cancellations are also available by calling (207) 780-4800, and announcements are placed on USM’s homepage under the heading of “news and events.”


Handouts for classes can be obtained from the racks in the hallway outside the Main Office, Room 115, or on Blackboard. Please pay attention to individual professor’s preferred modes of distribution.

Identification Cards

Students should obtain photo identification cards, referred to as Maine Law ID cards, in room 4 of Payson Smith Hall. Student ID cards are used as the Law Library's lending card, and is also needed to gain access to some university facilities, including the fitness center and parking garage. Also, funds can be placed on the cards that can be used for printing, copying, dining, and other university services.

Law School Master Schedule

A master schedule of room reservations is available for students groups. Students may view the schedules for all rooms to assess whether a room is available. Any student wishing to make a reservation should submit a request to the Dean’s Office. All requests must include the specific reason for the request and all contact information for the student making the request.

Lockers and Carrels

The Law School does not have a library carrel or a locker for each student. Therefore, priority is given to second- and third-year students. First-year student's may leave their books in the first-year classroom. Although carrels are assigned, anyone may study at a carrel when it is unoccupied.

Lockers will be assigned on the first-come, first-served basis, at a time and place to be announced during the first week of school. Student assigned lockers must use the combination lock provided when the locker is assigned. The lock must be returned when the student leaves the school.

Lost and Found

Personnel in the Main Office, room 115, are the people to see first about items that have been lost or found in the Law School. The library circulation desk also maintains a lost and found. The University Police Department is the University repository and reporting agency for lost and found items. The department will catalog and store these items. Lost items should be reported to the University Police Department as soon as possible, at (207) 780-5211.


Faculty, staff, student organizations, and writing instructor mailboxes are located in the Main Office, Room 115. Student mailboxes are located in the basement of the Law School, and are arranged alphabetically by class.


Any person who needs to reach a student at the Law School between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. may call (207) 780-4355.


Telephones located outside the Student Bar Association office in the basement and in the first stairwell may be used by students for local calls. Dial 9 for access outside the campus.

Textbook and Supplies

The University Bookstore is located in the Woodbury Campus Center. Textbooks and school supplies are available for sale at the Bookstore. Maine School of Law imprinted clothing and gifts may be purchased at the Bookstore. Orders can also be placed online. The Bookstore’s Law Resource section is stocked with a large assortment of supplemental reading materials. Special orders are welcomed at no additional costs.