Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is charged with implementing programs and policies that help each student achieve success. Our staff is always available to help ensure you receive the support you need to concentrate on your education. At Maine Law, you are never just a number. We are a community of individuals--no student just falls through the cracks, and each individual student's success is important to the community.

The Office of Student Affairs provides many services, including:

  • Academic advising: We can help you with course selection and curricular planning, as well as with Joint Degree Programs and study abroad options;
  • Health and counseling referrals: We work closely with the University community to provide necessary support for our students;
  • Assistance with disability services: We serve as the liaison to the Office for Support for Students with Disabilities;
  • Directing the Academic Support Program and managing the ASP lending library;
  • Coordinating student activities, including orientation and graduation;
  • Counseling and advising students regarding academic and personal problems, financial problems, leaves of absence, and other issues that affect a law student's life; and
  • Acting as a Liaison to the Student Bar Association.

For more information regarding services available to Maine Law students, please visit our offices on the first floor of the Law Building or contact the Office of Student Affairs staff.