Access Student Account

Your academic and course information is available online through the Maine Street web portal. Your student account provides access to your schedule, grades, bills, and financial aid. It also allows you to update your current contact information.

As a reminder, the University has established email as an official and primary means of communication to all of its students, accepted and/or enrolled. Official University assigned email accounts are created for all accepted and/or enrolled students usually in the form of Official University information will be sent to your University assigned email address. This address is in PeopleSoft as your "Business" email address. Be aware that all official university email will be sent to your Business email address regardless of which "Preferred" box is checked. The "Preferred" box attached to this field is irrelevant (ignored) and will not be used. Other email addresses may be added but they will not be used. Students should activate their assigned email account on the University of Maine System IT Services page. The For more information on the University of Southern Maine's email policies, please read their complete Email Communication Policy.