Center for Oceans & Coastal Law

The Center for Oceans and Coastal Law is a teaching and interdisciplinary research center devoted to law and policy of the oceans. Center activities embrace a broad range of teaching and research, seeking to enhance the skills of  lawyers and policy scientists as applied to oceans problems from the Gulf of Maine to the seas of Europe, Africa and Asia. Professor Charles H. Norchi serves as director of the Center for Oceans & Coastal Law.

Through its program of conferences, lectures, and publications (including the Ocean & Coastal Law Journal), the Center builds on a longstanding Maine maritime tradition. That tradition includes 18th Century piracy trials; 19th Century Clipper Sailing Ships that carried trade in fur and timber from the new world to the old; and the 20th Century Liberty Ships that contributed to Allied victory in the Second World War. Today, Maine is home to organizations devoted to contemporary ocean needs, opportunities and problems. These include the Maine Maritime Academy, the United States Coast Guard, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, the World Affairs Council of Maine, and attorneys and firms working in admiralty and shipping law.

The Center for Oceans and Coastal Law is a member of the Maine family of organizations devoted to the well-being and order of the oceans.