Complete list of awards for Maine Law class of 2014

May 22, 2014

More than two dozen academic achievement and leadership awards were presented to graduates at the commencement of the University of Maine School of Law, held Saturday, May 17 at Merrill Auditorium.

The awards were presented by Prof. Rita Heimes, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Awards - Awarded for outstanding academic performance in selected areas of the curriculum.

Business & Commercial Law
Kevin James Decker, Shapleigh, ME

Criminal Law & Procedure
Caitlin Regan Ross, Canaan, ME

Environmental Law
Liana Pearl James, Boulder, CO

International & Oceans Law
Andrew Conrad Strosahl, Dover, NH

Saad Khan, Sugar Land, TX

Andrew Joseph Wells, Saco, ME

ABA/BNA Award for Excellence in the Study of Intellectual Property Law
James Grady Spaulding, Cape Elizabeth, ME

American Bankruptcy Institute Medal - For excellence in bankruptcy studies.
Kimberly Andrea Watson, Scarborough, ME

Wernick Prize for Legal Writing - Awarded for the best legal scholarship submitted by a student.
Michael Livingston O'Brien, Wayne, PA

Upper Level Writing Project Award - Awarded for the best Upper Level Writing Project done by a member of the third-year class, judged by a committee of Faculty members appointed by the dean.
Joseph P. Mendes, Buxton, ME

Faculty Award for Trial Advocacy - Awarded for outstanding performance in advocacy courses.
Joseph P. Mendes, Buxton, ME

The Clinical Legal Education Award - Awarded to a student nominated by the clinical faculty for excellence in clinical fieldwork based on ethical and high-quality representation provided to clients and the community, and for exemplary thoughtfulness in exploring lawyering issues and skills in an accompanying seminar.
Anna Patrice Polko, Falmouth, ME

Gignoux Award for Appellate Advocacy - This award is for the graduating student who has demonstrated excellence in appellate advocacy skills through moot court, clinical practice, or other curricular or extracurricular programs. Kimberly Andrea Watson, Scarborough, ME

2014 Association of Corporate Counsel Law Student Ethics Award
Elizabeth Fuller Valentine, Reading, MA

Faculty Award for Community Service - This award goes to a student who has done significant work in bringing together the law school community and the community at large.
Neil Brian Riley, Ashburn, VA

Maine State Bar Association Pro Bono Student Award - Awarded to a student whose law-related service to the community, without compensation or education credit, exemplifies the legal profession's tradition of pro bono service. The recipient is to be selected by the Dean and Faculty after consultation with the President of the Maine State Bar Association.
Katherine Mary Power, Phippsburg, ME

National Association of Women Lawyers Recognition Award - Awarded to a graduate who has contributed to the advancement of women in society and promoted issues and concerns of women in the legal profession.
Katie Lee Narbus, Rockwood, ME

Edward S. Godfrey Leadership Award – This award goes to the student who has made the most significant contribution to a student-edited law journal during his or her years at the law school.
Amy Kay Olfene, Minot, ME

Faculty Significant Achievement Awards - These awards are presented to members of the senior class whose academic performance and overall contribution to the school have been significant.

Sara A. Murphy, Erie, PA and Chilmark, MA
Amy Kay Olfene, Minot, ME
Stephen Bradley Segal, Portland, ME
Rachel Anne White, Cape Elizabeth, ME

Faculty Scholastic Achievement Award - This award is given to that member of the senior class who achieves, over three years of law study, the highest academic average.
Kevin James Decker, Shapleigh, ME

ALI CLE Scholarship and Leadership Award - Awarded to the law student in the graduating class who best represents a combination of scholarship and leadership.
Sara A. Murphy, Erie, PA and Chilmark, MA

Law Alumni Association Award - The recipient of this award is that person who, in the determination of the faculty, is an outstanding member of the senior class.
Kevin James Decker, Shapleigh, ME

Student Bar Association Distinguished Service Award - Awarded by the SBA for contributions to the school.
Gabrielle Marie Bérubé Pierce, Hampden, ME

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