NYT writer tweets link to paper by Maine Law professor

PORTLAND, Maine – It used to be that scholars and writers would recommend good reads to each other through letters and word of mouth, at social gatherings and conferences.

Nowadays, Maine Law professors often find their work circulating through a much faster conduit: Twitter.

That was the case recently for Maine Law Prof. Sarah Schindler, who teaches property, land use, local government law, real estate transactions, and animal law.

On Jan. 31, Schindler received an email from the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). Apparently, her paper “Of Backyard Chickens and Front Yard Gardens: The Conflict Between Local Governments and Locavores,” was generating a high number of downloads. Schindler’s paper, which was published last year in the Tulane Law Review, had generated a good amount of buzz in her field, but she was surprised by the sudden uptick in downloads.

After spending a few minutes searching online, Schindler had her answer. Mark Bittman, a food writer for the New York Times and the author of How to Cook Everything, had tweeted a link to Schindler’s paper.

One day earlier, Bittman had published an opinion piece in the Times, focusing on a dispute in Orlando, Florida, about a frontyard garden. Maine Law professor Jennifer Wriggins sent the article to Schindler, who contacted Bittman, who then tweeted Schindler’s work to the masses.


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