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The Donald L. Garbrecht Law Library, named for the Law Librarian who served the school from 1963 to 1979, contains over 335,000 volumes, entirely shelved in open stacks. 

The Law library has a complete collection of federal and state statutes and law reports, as well as a comprehensive collection of Canadian and British Commonwealth law reports and statutes. The legal periodical collection of the law library is outstanding and features most American, Canadian, and British legal periodicals. As a U.S. Government publications depository, the law library receives federal publications which support law student and faculty research. As an official depository for the European Union, the law library receives essential European documents, as well. 

The library's treatise collection provides in-depth coverage of most legal fields. Computer assisted legal research services are available to students, staff, and faculty of the Law School. 

A staff of five professional librarians and one paraprofessional librarian service the law library's collection. The staff provides reference service, prepares bibliographies, and instructs in the use of all specialized legal materials. 

During the academic year the law library is open 95 hours per week with seating space for over 160 students. Professional reference service is available 40 hours per week.


The Law Library's Mission 
The Library's primary mission is to support the research and study needs of the students, faculty and staff of the University of Maine School of Law. The Library also provides assistance to the judiciary, bar and other members of the legal community. Members of the general public may use the Library.


The Law Library's Collection
The Library has an extensive collection of primary legal materials from the federal government, all 50 states, U.S. territories, and many British Commonwealth countries. In addition to complete sets of statutes for most jurisdictions, the Library collects legislative materials, and selected administrative regulations and rulings for the State of Maine and the Federal Government. The Library has a collection of state legislative materials, case reporters, digests and practice aids for the New England States. The Library also maintains comprehensive Canadian and English law collections. 

The Library has an extensive collection of secondary materials. These secondary materials include legal encyclopedias, loose-leaf services and leading treatises in all areas of the law, and a complete set of Maine practice materials. The library periodical collection includes commercial journals, bar journals, selected newsletters, several legal newspapers, foreign legal periodicals, and most American law reviews. The Library is a U.S. Government and European Union documents depository. 

Please note that Law students may also use the USM libraries. In addition to having non-legal materials, these libraries also contain Maine state documents and select federal government documents. The Portland Public Library may also provide useful materials.



a designated U.S. Government Document Depository

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