Philanthropy: Annual Fund 2014-2015

Frank H. Bishop

A message from Frank Bishop

Are you a competitor? Is competition part of your makeup, your DNA, your drive to succeed? Ever race your family members to the front door, or been asked to “cool off” during a neighborhood game of touch football?

We don’t want you to stifle that competitive spirit. We want you to unleash it. The 2014-2015 Annual Fund at the University of Maine School of Law is all about competition.

Let us explain: Maine Law has much to celebrate as we enter a new academic year. Our faculty are first-rate teachers and scholars who care deeply about the success of students. We enjoy unparalleled access to the legal marketplace in Maine, along with an engaged and supportive network of alumni around the U.S. We have a solid reputation as an excellent small law school, in one of the coolest cities on the planet. In the ‘old normal,’ this would be enough. We’d have no problem recruiting the brightest future leaders from Maine and beyond.

But in the new normal, the applicant pool for law schools continues to shrink, both at Maine Law and nearly all schools nationwide. Students are cautious about assuming significant debt to attend law school. As a result, schools are offering scholarship packages that would have been unheard of not long ago, in an effort to maintain class sizes, academic standards, and minimize debt. Whether we like it or not, we are in this race. Thanks to your generosity, Maine Law has held its own in the past few admissions cycles. We have accepted outstanding students who are already making names for themselves in Maine. But we’ve also lost excellent applicants to other schools, and our financial pressures are not going away anytime soon.

So what do we do? We pull together. We compete.

Can we raise enough money in the Annual Fund this year to offer competitive financial packages? Can we have enough conversations with prospective students to bring them into our Maine Law community? Can we challenge each other to reach our goal—and then go beyond it?

Compete for Maine Law in 2014-2015, and we will maintain and build our reputation as an excellent law school.


Frank H. Bishop
President, Maine Law Alumni Association


Three easy ways to give. Send your gift to Maine Law Annual Fund, 246 Deering Ave., Portland, ME 04102; or donate online.