Maine Law Review: Volume 62, No. 1 (2010)


The Case for Restricting Diversity Jurisdiction: The Undeveloped Arguments, From the Race to the Bottom to the Substitution Effect
David Crump
Fighting the New Wars of Religion: The Need For a Tolerant First Amendment
Leslie C. Griffin
The Unappreciated Importance, For Small Business Defendants, of the Duty to Settle
Robert Heidt
Establishing Guidelines for Attorney Representation of Criminal Defendants at the Sentencing Phase of Capital Trials
Adam Lamparello
The Crime of Conviction of John Choon Yoo: The Actual Criminality in the OLC During the Bush Administration
Joseph Lavitt
The Persistence of Union Repression in an Era of Recognition
Anne Marie Lofaso
Honey, You're No June Cleaver: The Power of "Dropping Pop" to Persuade
Victoria S. Salzmann
The Supreme Court's Long and Perhaps Unnecessary Struggle to Find a Standard of Culpability to Regulate the Federal Exclusionary Remedy for Fourth/Fourteenth Amendment Violations
Melvyn Zarr
Case Notes
Weeks v. Krysa: Cultivating the Garden of Adverse Possession
Marya Baron
"Another Day" Has Dawned: The Maine Supreme Judicial Court Holds Laboratory Evidence Subject to the Confrontation Clause in State v. Mangos
Reid Hayton-Hull
Racism, Juries, and Justice: Addressing Post-Verdict Juror Testimony of Racial Prejudice During Deliberations
Andrew C. Helman
Opportunity Lost, Opportunity Found: A Proposal to Amend Maine's Rule of Evidence 404 to Admit "Prior Acts" Evidence in Domestic Violence Prosecutions
Tina Heather Nadeau
Examining the Board of Immigration Appeals' Social Visibility Requirement for Victims of Gang Violence Seeking Asylum
Elyse Wilkinson

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