Maine Law Review: Volume 61, No. 1 (2009)


Women in the Legal Profession, 1920-1970s: What Can We Learn from Their Experience about Law and Social Change?
Cynthia Grant Bowman
The “New” Fiduciary Standards under the Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act: More Bottom Bumping from NCCUSL
Rutherford B. Campbell, Jr.
Gun Control: Political Fears Trump Crime Control
Clayton E. Cramer and Joseph Edward Olson
A Century of French International Law Scholarship
Emmanuelle Jouannet
Can Self-Defense Serve as an Appropriate Tool against International Terrorism?
Jan Kittrich
Credit Cards, Attorney’s Fees, and the Putative Debtor . . . A Pyrrhic Victory? Putative Debtors May Win the Battle but Nevertheless Lose the War
Jennifer M. Smith
Revising Hockey’s Unwritten Rules: Moore v. Bertuzzi
Patrick K. Thornton
Case Notes
Is Anybody Home?: The Relaxation of the Residency Requirement for Claiming a Qualifying Child Under the Earned Income Tax Credit After Rowe v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue
Jennifer S. Hamel
Does the End Justify the Means?: The Clumsy and Circuitous Logic of Blood Test Admissibility in Criminal Prosecution in State v. Cormier
Kyle MacDonald
Taking Notes in School (Committee): Cyr v. Madawaska, Blethen v. Portland School Committee, and the Public’s Right to Know
Benjamin J. Tucker
Crossing the Line: Prime, Subprime, and Predatory Lending
Nathaniel R. Hull
The Crossroads of a Legal Fiction and the Reality of Families
Andrew L. Weinstein

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