Maine Law Review: Volume 60, No. 2 (2008)


Symposium: Nation-Building: A Legal Architecture?
Senator George Mitchell
Articles and Essays
The Legal Architecture of Nation-Building: An Introduction
Charles H. Norchi
Development and Nation-Building: A Framework for Policy-Oriented Inquiry
W. Michael Reisman
Human Rights and Nation-Building in Cross-Cultural Settings
Burns H. Weston
Culture and Custom in Nation-Building: Law in Afghanistan
Thomas Barfield
Gender and Nation-Building: Family Law as Legal Architecture
Tracey E. Higgins and Rachel P. Fink
Refugees and Internally Displaced: A Challenge to Nation-Building
Rebecca M. M. Wallace and Diego Quiroz
The Rise of Outsourcing in Modern Warfare: Sovereign Power, Private Military Actors, and the Constitutive Process
Winston P. Nagan and Craig Hammer
Looking Backward to Address the Future? Transitional Justice, Rising Crime, and Nation-Building
James L. Cavallaro
Odious Debts and Nation-Building: When the Incubus Departs
Lee C. Bucheit and G. Mitu Gulati
The Importance of Commercial Law in the Legal Architecture of Post-Conflict “New” States
Michael J. Stepek
The Role of a Banking System in Nation-Building
John L. Douglas
Special Section
Volunteer Lawyers and Nation-Building: Using Experience to Serve the World Community
Jean C. Berman
Measuring the Rule of Law in India: A Volunteer Lawyer's Experience
Linda D. McGill
The Role of Public Interest Groups in Nation-Building: A Maine Lawyer's Experience in Mongolia
Richard A. Spencer
Kenya and the Rule of Law: The Perspective of Two Volunteers
Kim Matthews and William H. Coogan
Resurrecting the Rule of Law in Liberia
Jim Dube
Case Note
Thinking Inside the Box: Placing Form Over Function in the Application of the Statutory Sentencing Procedure in State of Maine v. Eugene Downs
Matthew E. Lane

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