Maine Law Review: Volume 57, No. 1 (2005)


University of Maine School of Law Lecture Series

Libra Journalist-in-Residence Lecture
What Got into the Court? What Happens Next?
Linda Greenhouse
Edward S. Godfrey Scholar-in-Residence Lecture
Protecting Children in Divorce: Lessons from Caroline Norton
Lucy S. McGough
Poke Your Nose into Your Client's Businesses (If You Want to Understand Their Contracts)
James W. Bowers
Negligence Per Se Theories in Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices Litigation
Andrew E. Costa
Mediated Images of Violence and the First Amendment: From Video Games to the Evening News
Clay Calvert & Robert D. Richards
Will Bell v. Town of Wells Be Eroded with Time?
Sidney St. F. Thaxter
The Corporate Face of the Alien Tort Claims Act: How an Old Statute Mandates a New Understanding of Global Interdependence
Environmental Injustice and the Problem of the Law
Uma Outka
Case Note
Church Liability for Clergy Sexual Abuse: Have Time and Events Overthrown Swanson v. Roman Catholic Bishop of Portland?

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