Maine Law Review: Volume 56, No. 2 (2004)


University of Maine School of Law Lecture Series

Frank M. Coffin Lecture on Law and Public Service
Strengthening Democracy: The Challenge of Public Interest Law
Scott Harshbarger
Edward S. Godfrey Distinguished Visiting Professor Lecture
Consumer Class Actions: Who are the Real Winners?
Edward F. Sherman

IRLAFARC! Surveying the Language of Legal Writing
Terrill Pollman and Judith M. Stinson
The False Idolatry of Rules-Based Law
John C. Sheldon
Some Model Amendments to Maine (and other States') Land Use Control Legislation
Orlando E. Delogu, Sam Merrill, and Philip R. Saucier
Cybergenics II: Precedent and Policy vs. Plain Meaning
Nancy Hailer
Who's Afraid of Judicial Activism? Reconceptualizing a Traditional Paradigm in the Context of Specialized Domestic Violence Court Programs
Jennifer Thompson
Case Note
Conant v. Walters: A Misapplication of Free Speech Rights in the Doctor-Patient Relationships
Katharine McCarthy

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