Maine Law Review: Volume 47, No. 2 (1995)


Tribute to Dean Edward Settle Godfrey III
Edward Settle Godfrey III Associate Justice, Maine Supreme Judicial Court August 18, 1976-September 1, 1983
Vincent L. McKusick
Of Judicial Review, High Standards, and Edward S. Godfrey
David P. Cluchey
Justice Edwards Godfrey and the “Public Purpose” Decision
Orlando E. Delogu
Justice Godfrey on Constitutional Criminal Procedure
David D. Gregory
Ed Godfrey: The Justice, the Person, and Some Cases on Property
Merle W. Loper
Justice Godfrey and the Rules: Procedure as Substance
L. Kinvin Wroth
Justice Edward Godfrey and the Role of the Trial Judge in the Criminal Process
Melvyn Zarr
Ed Godfrey and the University of Maine School of Law
Donald N. Zillman
The University of Maine School of Law: An Archival History of Its Foundation and Accreditation
Michael J. Bresnick
Environmental Issues for the ‘90’s: Golden-Cheeked Warblers and Yellowfin Tuna
Ernest E. Smith
Protecting Discretion: Judicial Interpretation of the Discretionary Function Exception to the Tort Claims Act
Donald N. Zillman
The Surety’s Liability for “Bad Faith”: Claims for Extra-Contractual Damages by an Obligee Under Payment Bond
John J. Aromando
Labor-Management Cooperation: Bath Iron Works’s Bold New Approach
Jonathan B. Goldin
Case Note
Florida Rock Industry, Inc. v. United States: Tipping the Scales in Favor of Private Property Rights at the Public’s Expense
Susan E. Spokes
Honorable John D. Clifford, Jr. A memoir by His Three Law Clerks
Frank M. Coffin, L. Damon Scales, Jr. and Richard E. Poulos
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