Clinical Programs

Refugee and Human Rights Clinic

The Refugee and Human Rights Clinic provides a challenging opportunity for students to advocate on behalf of low-income immigrants in a broad range of cases and projects. Clients include, for example, asylum applicants who have fled human rights abuses in their home countries and are seeking refuge in the United States, immigrant survivors of domestic violence, immigrant victims of certain crimes, and abandoned or abused children seeking legal status in the United States. Under faculty supervision, student attorneys not only develop their substantive knowledge of immigration law and human rights laws and norms but they also build core legal skills relevant to the general practice of law. Students' clinical work includes interviewing clients and witnesses and preparing their testimony, conducting factual and legal investigation and marshalling of evidence, analyzing and presenting human rights documentation, developing case strategies, writing legal briefs, appearing in administrative hearings, and participating in human rights advocacy projects. Because much of immigration law is new and rapidly changing, students often research and advance novel and complex legal theories.

Advocacy Projects

Apply for asylum A Guide for Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence
Download How to Apply for Asylum in the United States
Also available in: ARABIC, FRENCH, SPANISH
Download Know Your Legal Rights
Download A Guide for Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence